jeudi 17 janvier 2008

The Beginning of an Adventure

I might as well call it an adventure! This blog will be dedicated to it. I've always loved cooking and some of my favorite childhood memories is about whipping something yummy! Now, I've always cooked and until recently, I've been satisfied with the basic chocolate cake or Add-water-muffin-mix.. It's time for a change!

I have basic tools and ingredients like measuring cups, measuring spoons.. err whisks, an electric beater.... stuff mostly everyone has! I have no 'real' training other then my mom's teaching and cooking videos. Nonetheless, I declare the summit of my culinary ambition (for the present) is to make a puffy, crispy, beautiful buttery croissant *crosses fingers*!! I believe I can do it! First, I'll start with something simpler *thinks about croissants she tried and failed last week*

I have a long way to go along the trail of crispy, flakey, good to eat goodness!

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