dimanche 3 août 2008

Farmer's Expo!

Sorry for the long delay in posting! I had more than a usual amount of work and my blog time got cut back.. Even my cooking time, I have missed two DB challenges!! I don't intend to make this a habit, and I'm prepared for the next deadline. I haven't been completely idled tho, since it was my Honey's holidays, I took a day off so we could go and visit the farmer's expo in the town next to ours. We go every year (or so) to watch the shows and animals! I especially enjoy those demolition derbys (grins) But the real reason I go every year is to see the birds! Chicken, turkeys, pigeon, little icky baby chickens and ducklings! I just love them!! Honey just tags along with a bewildered look while I point this chicken and ooh and ahh at them.

I just love this picture

I looked at them for a full 30 seconds before locating their heads!

Who doesn't love pigeons! So round and fluffy

Master Peacock and its white version! Stunningly beautiful!

Of course there weren't only birds on display!

silly llama!

The omni-present mini farm!

There were also prize giving as is usual in any self respecting fair... I won't overload you with pictures tho, only two! I found them very original and beautiful! hope you do too :)

Did I ever mention I loved flowers? This bouquet is particularly stunning.

So fun and original!

Blueberries were also very plentiful a few weeks back. I would of loved to go strawberry or blueberry picking but due to a lack of time and very rainy weather, it is pushed back to next year :( Sigh.. goodbye to homemade strawberry jam for this year...

This is a very simple recipe, you can take whatever sponge cake you have on hand. Or just make one, as I did (with a very cute pan I found in a garage sale!).

Yes... I did overcook it :(

Add pipped on whipped cream! I was lazy and used ready made. You can totally make your own tho!

I went with a squiggly design! :3

Wash your blueberries

omgosh, they're alive!

Place according to your whim! I went with a stacking kind of thing. It came out really well!

I really love this picture... Too bad I only have pink polka dots plate!

And enjoy! Easy and Tasty!

Bon Appetit!